The Woodland Brush Prices






*Since custom art varies depending on detail and time spent on each individual piece, these prices are just the average.  Through conversation and revealing of the vision the price will be agreed upon before created. A pencil sketch will be shown to the customer before any ink or paint is added to agree upon the final design. Shipping costs will also be applied.

*MEDIA used:  Watercolor/Acrylic on quality 140 lb watercolor paper (For canvas art, email me for a quote) .

Please email me at or message me on Facebook with your color scheme, style and ideas all ready.
If it is a family portrait, have the photos ready to upload and send to me.

My hope is to give you a piece that will bring joy to your home or to a friend/family member.  I want it to represent you the best! So be patient with me as I ask you questions during the process. It can take up to 2-3 weeks depending the time of year.  Make sure to contact me at least a month before you need it just in case.

I am looking forward to creating your custom art and I can’t wait to get started!

Here are a few examples below, and check out my Etsy site for ideas!

Wellspring02 KleinschmidtPainting8x10



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