Paytan: Senior Session

I know I am way behind in posting: Here is a senior session I did last fall of the beautiful Paytan! We started in Washington Park and then drove downtown for some urban shots to display both sides of her personality  Thanks again Paytan, it was such an honor to meet and photograph you!

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Emily Dickinson Art

I have some more custom art to share! Yipee! Below is the same Emily Dickinson quote, but with two different versions for two different people who graduated from their residencies. I loved doing both a feminine and a more masculine stream-lined work.  Both are fully watercolor and ink.  (In the bottom piece I also incorporated the coffee stain).  Congrats again Amy and Joel! And thanks for the great idea, Karen!  (PS- the bottom photo is from my iphone, I forgot to get a photo with my big camera before handing it off.  So I apologize for the low quality.)


Some of my favorite creations have come from commissioned works. I love taking someone’s idea and bringing it to life after much discussion and dreaming on both ends. Below are 3 of my most recent works.  If you would like to talk to me about customs I am currently accepting orders! Visit my Prices page to get a general idea on your investment, and then email me at or contact me via Facebook.  I love the challenge of customizing a painting to fit you or a loved ones life in a playful and whimsical way!

-Emily Barnett