The Huberts have been such a blessing, constantly speaking truth and encouragement into my life. I was so excited to photograph their family and celebrate their newest addition: sweet Audrey!  hub1 Hub2 Hub3 Hub4 Hub5 Hub6 Hub8 Hub7 Hub9 Hub10 Hub11 Hub12 Hub13 Hub14 Hub15 Hub16 Hub17 Hub18 Hub19 Hub20

The Anhalts

A new little Anhalt is here and it was my joy to capture his newborn photos along with his adorable and funny brothers. They never cease to crack me up and keep me on my toes.  Here are some highlights of our evening together!

AnhaltsBlog1 AnhaltsBlog2 AnhaltsBlog3 AnhaltsBlog4 AnhaltsBlog5 AnhaltsBlog6 AnhaltsBlog7 AnhaltsBlog8 AnhaltsBlog9 AnhaltsBlog10 AnhaltsBlog11 AnhaltsBlog12 AnhaltsBlog13 AnhaltsBlog14 AnhaltsBlog15 AnhaltsBlog16 AnhaltsBlog17 AnhaltsBlog18 AnhaltsBlog19 AnhaltsBlog20


I was so excited to meet little Cora when she came into the world and do this in-home session of her.  She was awake for most of it, but she remained pretty calm and content for a newborn!  She is such a precious little girl and I know she is in good hands with amazing parents and two big brothers to take care of her.  Here are some favorites of mine!

Corablog1 Corablog2 Corablog3 Corablog4 Corablog5 Corablog6 Corablog7 Corablog8 Corablog9 Corablog10 Corablog11 Corablog12 Corablog13 Corablog14

The Lasleys

The Lasleys have been such a blessing and influence in my life, and its always a joy to take their photos.  Here are a few favorites from their “maternity/family/Samuel’s two!” session.  We took these at Lincoln’s home (He wasn’t there) in downtown Springfield. (PS- the next blog post will be of Cora, but outside of the womb ;))  Enjoy!

Lasleyblog1 Lasleyblog2 Lasleyblog3 Lasleyblog4 Lasleyblog6 Lasleyblog7 Lasleyblog8 Lasleyblog16 Lasleyblog15 Lasleyblog14 Lasleyblog13 Lasleyblog12 Lasleyblog10 Lasleyblog11 Lasleyblog9 Lasleyblog16.5 Lasleyblog17