I’m so excited to finally share a very fun session I did of my friend Rae! As many people in the art world can probably attest to, if you never create for yourself alone, then your creativity begins to run dry. There has to be a good balance of “work” and “inspiration”. I have found, that it is one job I can not just show up to and “get by”. It is both mentally and physically taxing and once in awhile I need to be refueled! I had this idea in my head for awhile and knew Rachel would fit the natural, wildflower, “light-catching” vision that I wanted to capture! And she did it marvelously! (and I told her many times she could totally be a model). I hope everyone else can see the fun, Jesus-loving, free-spirited and deep-thinking friend that I do! Thanks Rae for shining your light!

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Paytan: Senior Session

I know I am way behind in posting: Here is a senior session I did last fall of the beautiful Paytan! We started in Washington Park and then drove downtown for some urban shots to display both sides of her personality  Thanks again Paytan, it was such an honor to meet and photograph you!

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Josh: Senior Session

I was thrilled to get back into the “senior sessions” again!¬† I loved photographing Josh in all of his outdoor glory, and I am also very thankful for the beauty of his parent’s land. With his sister and girlfriend in tow, we managed to get a lot of natural smiles.¬† And the light/weather couldn’t have been better!