About Emily

It was in a yearbook class my senior year of high school when I fell in love with photography. With my graduation money, I bought my first DSLR and started doing photo sessions here and there while in college. I decided to major in Visual Arts at UIS. I met my husband there and we were married in 2011 and had our son in 2016.

I find joy and satisfaction in sessions that are authentic and not staged. Some of my favorite photo shoots have been kids running around like crazy or the comfort of someone’s home. I believe there is beauty in the mundane because we were all formed by a loving and creative God. I want to bring life back to the things you see every day and tend to take for granted.

I label myself as a “lifestyle” photographer.  I don’t have a studio (which to me feels stuffy) and I won’t position your baby in a way that is unnatural to how they normally function. But I will capture your loved ones in the way you want to remember them for years to come.

I live in Springfield, IL and I’m a full time mommy and part-time photographer. I am only available on weekends and Thursday early evenings. Visit my “prices” page and view a few sessions to see if my style fits with you! Feel free to email me with a few dates you would like to try!


Emily B Photography


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