The Lasleys

The Lasleys have been such a blessing and influence in my life, and its always a joy to take their photos.  Here are a few favorites from their “maternity/family/Samuel’s two!” session.  We took these at Lincoln’s home (He wasn’t there) in downtown Springfield. (PS- the next blog post will be of Cora, but outside of the womb ;))  Enjoy!

Lasleyblog1 Lasleyblog2 Lasleyblog3 Lasleyblog4 Lasleyblog6 Lasleyblog7 Lasleyblog8 Lasleyblog16 Lasleyblog15 Lasleyblog14 Lasleyblog13 Lasleyblog12 Lasleyblog10 Lasleyblog11 Lasleyblog9 Lasleyblog16.5 Lasleyblog17

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