Tomo + Hannah

The day Hannah emailed me, was the day I began getting excited about this engagement session! I hadn’t done one in awhile and they are some of my favorite “stories” to tell! I love the anticipation before the wedding and the adoration in their eyes for one another.  I also love getting to know them as people and what their interests are.  When Hannah told me her fiance, Tomo, is from England, I got even more excited! Naturally, when he came for a visit, we had to use the opportunity.   When the day of the shoot came I was horribly sick and running a fever.  Hannah and Tomo could hardly even understand me, since I had begun to lose my voice.  But with a tiny window, we pushed through.  Thank the heavens it ended up being one of the warmest winter days we had.  (You may not believe this was a late December day).  Thanks again to Hannah and Tomo for choosing me for their engagement session and being so kind and patient as I struggled through the day. It may have helped that a British accent, a coffee shop (thanks again Moxo!) and the Beatles were involved.  Congrats again to the awesome couple as their wedding gets closer and closer:  I wish you all the best!

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